Adopt a Tunisian Pet

Adopt a Tunisian Pet
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Why a Tunisian pet? Not only are they gorgeous, but they need help more than you can imagine!

Tunisia is a country with lots of problems to solve at the moment; animals are surely not in the focus. In Tunis, the capital, there are no animal shelters, there is only one in the whole country (in Nabeul). Every day, we see so much suffering around us, a lot of animals are just living and dying in mi

"Adopt a Tunisian Pet" started small one year ago and has grown steadily into a very successful project, with more than 150 successful rescues and adoptions over the past year! Our list of supporters is increasing daily and we try to get assistance from all over the world to promote this initiative and help raise funds for all the expenses: vaccinations, sterilizations, food, veterinary care, medicines, travel costs, educational campaigns concerning respect for animals, the importance of sterilization, etc.

With your help, "Adopt a Tunisian Pet" can only get bigger! Please share this page with your friends and help us raise funds and awareness about the problems that homeless animals face in Tunisia: no animal shelters, limited veterinary care, very few animal specific drugs and vaccines available and lots of cultural barriers!

To make a donation to Adopt a Tunisian Pet, all you need is an e-mail address and a credit or debit card. Donations can be sent directly via PayPal to


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